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Are you a kitchen or bathroom showroom with a website?

If so, you need that website found by the right people. We specialise in getting your website onto Page one of Google. Several years ago, you could rank a site simply by putting it into as many directories as possible. This is no longer possible with recent Google updates. They wanting to rank the best site, not just the site with the most links! This is where we come in. We are not only SEO experts, but experts in your field. SEO Desk have ranked kitchen and bathroom websites in high positions on Google page one.

  • We perform in-depth keyword research, ensuring that you are targeting the correct keywords to attract the right clients.
  • Then we make your site more search engine friendly. This could mean altering or adding content, or simply making some hidden, but important, changes.
  • The third stage involves link building. We will prepare a targeted, and relevant, link portfolio for you. This will push you up the page rankings.

We already have a solid client base within the kitchen and bathroom industry. With SEO Desk, you will be assigned a personal account manager who is always available, and you will recieve monthly reports. Contact us now we to arrange a free, no-obligation, consultation to discuss your business needs.

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